//Diamond Buying Advice: How to Choose the Ideal Diamond Size for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Buying Advice: How to Choose the Ideal Diamond Size for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

What diamond size should I choose? How to find the perfect diamond engagement ring for my fiance? Here is a great diamond buying advice you can use!

When buying diamond engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind that how big or shiny the stone is, does not determine how much you love your partner. Even though it is hard to imagine – bigger is not always better and choosing the size of the stone is always relative to personal style, hand size, stature, budget, and setting performance.

Did you know that 1.0 carat size used to be the most popular and desired carat size for engagement rings? However, this is just another relative consideration as we are seeing people who prefer slightly larger stones. There are couples who are choosing diamonds averaging 1.25 to 1.50 carats.

So, what diamond size should you choose? How to find the ideal diamond size for a diamond engagement ring? Use these helpful diamond buying advice, tips, and tricks:

● Consider the lifestyle of your partner: Does your partner has an active career or lifestyle? If your partner is a stay at home mom or a teacher or maybe enjoys hobbies such as hiking or gardening it is better to choose something smaller. Go for a smaller center stone.
● Consider the jewelry your partner wears: Does your life partner wears any other jewelry? If your partner doesn’t wear anything else you might go for a larger center stone. If they wear any other jewelry, you may try to find something that matches that jewelry, as well as, their personal style.
● Consider the budget: Ask yourself – Do my partner love diamonds? Today, there are so many eco-conscious consumers that might like the look and shininess of a diamond, however, they don’t like the fact that there are diamonds that are conflict associated or the cost to purchase a diamond. There are some great options you may consider such as lab-created diamonds, lab-created gemstones, recycled metals, and etc. We can ensure you that these would be the perfect choice for your eco-bride or groom-to-be.

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